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6 Ways To Grow Magazine Income Using Newsletters

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Dear Magazine Publisher,

Newsletters are a simple and versatile vehicle for magazines to generate additional publishing income.

They can offset the decline in print advertising by creating multiple new reader revenue streams.

Yet many publishers seem to be leaving money on the table.

In this report, I explain how a free newsletter can be a powerful marketing engine for your magazine brand, and create multiple other revenue opportunities.

Setting up and running a free newsletter is simple.

They are low cost to operate, so additional revenue is very profitable, and there’s no significant upfront investment.

In its primary role, a free newsletter is your very own marketing engine for generating new magazine subscribers today and into the future.

It can also generate income by selling advertising, special reports, e-books and bookazines, become a research tool, and e-commerce channel.

Find out more about all these opportunities when you download the guide.

This guide is just £5, and you'll also receive Champion Newsletters, highlighting best practice newsletter strategies, free.

Yours in newsletters

Andy Griffiths

Founder and publisher, Champion Newsletters.

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This guide could help your magazine achieve the digital transformation you're looking for. For just £5 you get the 6 main options for growth summarised neatly in no-nonsense format.

You'll also receive the free version of Champion Newsletters, highlighting best practice newsletter strategies.
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6 Ways To Grow Magazine Income Using Newsletters

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